The industry’s only battle-tested complete replatforming program

Replatforming is no longer an art — it’s just sound engineering


Replatforming with Datometry is the most cost-effective, quickest, and most risk-free process in the industry. We pride ourselves in having devised and implemented the world’s first engineering solution to a problem that has long been the bane of the entire database industry.

With Datometry and our expert partners, you embark on a well-guided path to success — not 50%, not 75%, and not 80%, but all the way. Before you know it you will liberate your business from their legacy warehouse and decommission not only the old hardware but also the relationship with your legacy vendor whose offerings you’ve long outgrown.

Our Process

Elements of Success

Datometry has developed a comprehensive 6-step process to replatform workloads. Guiding you all the way from an in-depth analysis of existing workloads and the complete conversion of the schema to the industry’s only side-by-side testing methodology. Every step is engineered to ensure you can move with confidence, control any risk, and accomplish your objectives in record time.

  • Assess

    Understand the full scope and get complete coverage validation for all your workloads — up-front with qInsight

    More about qInsight

  • Plan

    Use Datometry’s unique planning tools like a comprehensive RACI matrix to map out effort and timelines

  • Initialize

    Complete schema conversion from legacy data warehouse to destination cloud data warehouse with qShift

    More about qShift

  • Test

    Involve your business users and internal customers in conclusive and risk-free side-by-side testing

  • Cut-over

    Catch up data transfer and sync destination system to full operational state, then cut over in one simple motion

  • Decommission

    Celebrate as you pull the power-cord on the legacy system and help the enterprise make history as they come cloud-native

Work with Datometry’s world-class Partners

Datometry has a rapidly growing network of services partners who are trained and certified in replatforming workloads from legacy data warehouse systems to Microsoft Azure Synapse and Google BigQuery. By engaging with our partners, you can rest assured the replatforming process will be executed successfully.

Don’t rewrite. Virtualize.