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Database migrations



The founding team members of Datometry made it their mission to simplify migrating between databases. After witnessing too many failed migrations or migrations that ran years behind schedule, we figured there must be a better way than the conventional approach of rewriting applications. As database industry veterans, we started to rethink the process and apply our technical expertise in building database engines to database migrations. Datometry is the product of years of research and development to address this ubiquitous need across all industry verticals.




Our customers readily admit they didn’t think this could ever work. “Too good to be true” is a frequent sentiment we get to hear. But because Datometry is risk-free and cost-effective, ambitious IT leaders know we offer them a unique opportunity to modernize their database stack and outperform their competition. To date, our customers migrated some of the largest and most complex data warehouses in the industry. What our customers find often most remarkable is how seamless they can cut over from their legacy system to a new cloud database — often even without telling their users in advance.

Database virtualization



Datometry is one of the most impactful tools an IT leader has today. But our vision is much bigger. Our mantra is “any application on any database.” And migrations is just the beginning. With Datometry, enterprises can consolidate their database estate, integrate data sources, and become multi-cloud. We envision a world where all data is accessible by all applications across the enterprise — no matter where it lives. Join us in innovating for the future.



Mike Waas, PhD


Rima Mutreja

VP, Customer Success

Jozsef Patvarczki, PhD

Head of Engineering

Michael Duller, PhD

Field CTO


Datometry is backed by some of the most successful investors in Silicon Valley.

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