Move from Teradata to a Modern Cloud Data Warehouse Without Changing Your SQL

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Life is too short to rewrite SQL apps

The majority of conventional migrations fail, are years late, and overrun budgets.
Don’t rewrite. Virtualize.

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Leverage Database Virtualization to Move to the Cloud

Virtualization has fundamentally transformed IT over the past decades. Datometry brings the core tenets of virtualization now to databases: Datometry Hyper-Q is the platform that virtualizes the data warehouse. Harness virtualization to move database applications to the cloud without having to change a line of SQL.

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Datometry Hyper-Q

The Software Approach to Replatforming

Datometry Hyper-Q™ lets existing applications run natively on modern cloud data warehouses without changing SQL. Hyper-Q is the industry’s first database virtualization platform that makes databases and applications fully interoperable.

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Datometry SaaS Solution
cloud-first strategy for enterprise data

7 things every IT leader must know before moving analytics to the cloud

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Trusted and Recognized

Datometry works with leading cloud service providers and cloud data warehouse vendors. Our work has been recognized as true game changer in the industry. Accolades range from industry recognition in the form of multiple Partner of the Year Awards to top academic honors including a Best Paper Award at the premier IEEE Big Data Conference.

  • Microsoft Cloud Innovation Data Estate Modernization Partner Award
  • Microsoft Data Estate Modernization Partner Award
  • IEEE Best Paper Award