Move from Teradata to a Modern Cloud Data Warehouse Without Changing Your SQL

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Life is too short to rewrite SQL apps

The majority of conventional migrations fail, are years late, and overrun budgets.
Don’t rewrite. Virtualize.

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The Datometry 6-Step Method™ to replatform Teradata apps to a cloud data warehouse

Convert replatforming initiatives into business outcomes with the 6-Step Program. Start with analysis, end with your applications in the cloud. Join the leaders in the cloud. Start replatforming today.

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Datometry Hyper-Q

The Software Approach to Replatforming

Datometry Hyper-Q™ lets existing applications run natively on modern cloud data warehouses without changing SQL. Hyper-Q is the industry’s first database virtualization platform that makes databases and applications fully interoperable.

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cloud-first strategy for enterprise data

7 things every IT leader must know before moving analytics to the cloud

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