Move from Teradata to a modern cloud data warehouse — without changing your SQL

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Nobody should have to struggle to migrate between databases

Conventional database migration is IT’s worst nightmare: horrendous cost, constant delays and overruns, and the risk of failing your organization. The stakes could not be higher. The problem is the rewrite of business applications. Existing applications, written for Teradata, simply won’t work on Azure Synapse or Google BigQuery. Moving from on-premises to the cloud should not require reinventing your business and rewriting all critical applications.


Imagine a world where applications and databases are interoperable — imagine Datometry

Datometry brings the principles and technology of virtualization to the database stack. Datometry Hyper-Q is the first virtualization platform that makes applications and databases interoperable — without changing SQL or APIs. Hyper-Q’s real-time translation emulates all Teradata functionality in a modern cloud data warehouse like Azure Synapse or Google BigQuery.

Execute existing applications developed for Teradata natively in the cloud, without any changes, leveraging modern cloud data warehouse technology.

Enterprise Triple Play

Unlock the benefit of public cloud without having to reinvent your business

The benefits of public cloud are well documented and well understood. With Datometry every enterprises can unlock them at record time, at a fraction of the cost of conventional migrations, and without the risk.

  • Generate new revenue

    Out-innovate your competition by making your data cloud-native. Build new applications on the cloud data warehouse while keeping existing applications running.

  • Streamline business processes

    Break down all data silos and ensure critical access to data across the organization. No more data movement, no more incompatible applications.

  • Realize substantial cost savings

    Eliminate the cost of data warehouse appliances once and for all. Consolidate even 3rd party data warehouses in the cloud onto cloud-native data warehouse technology.

How it works

Move your existing EDW to a modern cloud data warehouse

Virtualization has fundamentally transformed IT over the past decades. Datometry Hyper-Q is the platform that virtualizes the data warehouse. Harness this new kind of virtualization to move database applications to the cloud without having to change a line of SQL.



Start planning your replatforming initiative

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Don’t rewrite. Virtualize.