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Replatform in Weeks, Not Years

Datometry® Hyper-Q™ is the industry’s first database virtualization platform that makes databases and applications truly interoperable in real-time.
Applications written originally for a specific database on premises can run natively and instantly on any cloud database.

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Accelerate your Journey to the Cloud

Eliminate the rewriting of database applications, and reduce migration cost and project time by up to 90%.

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Break Down Data Silos

Hyper-Q database virtualization solution enables applications to access databases in the cloud or on-premise seamlessly.


Future-Proof the Enterprise

Applications developed today will run on another database technology tomorrow.

Run Existing Database Applications Instantly and Natively

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Within the next 5 years, the majority of the USD 40+ Billon database market will re-platform to the cloud. Partner with Datometry to seize cloud opportunities!


Why Cloud Now

Read informative articles filled with astute and penetrating insights on why cloud-first strategies and cloud adoption has become so important for enterprises, and what it means for enterprise data management.

Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream, At Last

Cloud Databases Shed Operations and Maintenance

The Advantage of No More Performance Tuning


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