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Re-platform in Weeks, Not Years

Datometry® Hyper-Q™ is the industry’s first database virtualization platform that makes databases and applications truly interoperable in real-time.
Applications written originally for a specific database on premises can run natively and instantly on any cloud database.

Hyper-Q Solution
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Accelerate your Journey to the Cloud

Eliminate the rewriting of database applications, and reduce migration cost and project time by up to 90%.

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Break Down Data Silos

Hyper-Q database virtualization solution enables applications to access databases in the cloud or on-premise seamlessly.

Future-Proof the Enterprise

Applications developed today will run on another database technology tomorrow.

Run Existing Database Applications Instantly and Natively

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Within the next 5 years, the majority of the USD 40+ Billon database market will re-platform to the cloud.
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