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The first database that speaks Your language

OpenDB is the industry’s first truly polyglot database. Whether you move from Teradata or Oracle, with OpenDB all your applications work instantly.

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Polyglot database

Drop-in Replacement

For Oracle

Run existing applications and workloads instantly on the latest PostgreSQL version, at a fraction of the cost of Oracle.  At the same time, new developments can use the same data via PostgreSQL.


A radically

new paradigm

OpenDB is not a code converter, and it is not an extension to PostgreSQL.
Instead, OpenDB uses Datometry Hyper-Q to give you the best of both worlds: support for existing workloads and opportunity to develop new ones using the power of PostgreSQL.
“Datometry enabled us to migrate at a highly accelerated pace and quickly unlock the benefits of Google Cloud. With Datometry Hyper-Q, we were able to implement a multi-project architecture that would have been close to impossible to build otherwise.”
– Eric Foratier, Digital Domain Leader, ADEO
database virtualization

The learning databasE

OpenDB learns from your usage. Every time you use functionality not yet supported by OpenDB it takes note. Automatic feedback translates into opportunity for improvement.


Based on automatic feedback, we advance Hyper-Q continuously. We add new features, build additional integration.


With every major Hyper-Q upgrade, OpenDB is updated across all Marketplaces. So you get the latest and most complete release.


Instead of forking or extending PostgreSQL, OpenDB always uses the latest version of the official PostgreSQL main line.


For pioneers

And everybody else

OpenDB gives you unfettered access to the latest developments in databases. We are excited to partner with developers, ISVs, and everybody who is looking for a cost-effective alternative to legacy systems.

Are you ready to move on

From your legacy database?

Learn how you can migrate to modern database technology at a fraction of the time, cost and risk. Experience the software platform that has liberated some of the largest enterprises worldwide across all industry verticals.