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Jump-Start your Journey to the Cloud with Unparalleled Insights
into your Database Workloads.

Why Datometry qInsight

Datometry qInsight™ is the only product in the market to summarize the functional, operational, and performance characteristics of data warehouse workloads, assess the compatibility of the workloads with the target cloud data warehouse, prioritize workload hygiene, and provide a feasibility analysis which includes a timeline for implementation.

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360° View

Unprecedented insights into concurrency, statement complexity, and schema complexity.

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Super Fast Analysis

Analysis of millions of statements per hour.

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No Installation

No customer setup, installation, or time investment needed.

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100% Automated

Fully automated analysis that does not affect production environments.

Clarity, Confidence, and Certainty Before the Move

Datometry qInsight provides automated and detailed insights into the application workloads when considering replatforming to a cloud data warehouse. Using the comprehensive analysis, data warehouse migration and implementation plans can be created in weeks instead of months.

Which data warehouse workloads can be successfully off-loaded?
What is the associated effort for a data warehouse replatforming?
How do I prioritize data warehouse workloads while replatforming?

qInsight is a SaaS solution that requires no installation in the infrastructure.

Fortune 500 Retailer

Datometry qInsight analysis showed us the hidden effort required to replatform via the complete rewrite of the application. We are now able to make a more informed choice regarding data warehouse replatforming.

Move Analytics to the Cloud with Confidence

Datometry qInsight is the first comprehensive data warehouse analysis used by the Fortune 500 and Global 2000 to map out the replatforming of legacy data warehouses to the cloud.

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How It Works

Datometry qInsight processes an application workload as captured by the data warehouse logging facilities—for example, a full week’s worth of SQL statements including queries—assesses the features in use and provides a suitability analysis for running the workload on the new cloud data warehouse.

The accuracy and completeness of insights means moving forward on replatforming with surety, confidence, and transparency that comes with making data-driven decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Datometry qInsight gives enterprises an in-depth analysis of existing data warehouse application workloads at unprecedented level of detail.

Datometry qInsight provides a unique and detailed breakdown of all interactions of analytical application with the data warehouse. During the analysis, qInsight parses queries to extract and categorize SQL and database features. The insights provided in the report paint a complete picture of effort and risk associated with a replatforming effort.

Datometry qInsight Analyzes Millions of Statements per Hour.