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Discover, assess, and optimize

  • Get a high-res analysis of your current workloads on your enterprise data warehouse—from data lineage to volumetric analysis. With qScore, Datometry’s proprietary complexity measure of queries and statements, you get accurate insights into which workloads can be optimized. qInsight is the industry-leading assessment system to reveal workload characteristics and comprehensive planning for a complete replatforming.

Plan with confidence, move with certainty

With qInsight, IT leaders are in control when planning the complete replatforming of complex data warehouse workloads. qInsight’s coverage analysis provides clarity up-front and gives you the confidence that your workloads can be virtualized on the new destination system.

How it works

qInsight analyzes not only static structures like schema and database characteristics but performs an in-depth analysis of entire workloads. Understand the intricacies of your most demanding workloads, e.g., seasonal peak workloads.

Based on the properties of the workloads qInsight generates not only a complete ROI/TCO analysis but calls out cloud-readiness in the form of compatibility and optimization opportunities.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Datometry qInsight provides a unique and detailed breakdown of all interactions of analytical application with the data warehouse. During the analysis, qInsight parses queries to extract and categorize SQL and database features. The insights provided in the report paint a complete picture of effort and risk associated with a replatforming effort.

For its analysis, qInsight needs offline access to schema and metadata information to perform semantically correct translations. The extraction of the workload and schema information is designed with ease-of-use in mind. The analysis is performed off-line by qInsight SaaS by ingesting the query and schema logs.

Currently, Datometry qInsight supports Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

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