Datometry is the pioneer and leader in database system virtualization

Bringing the Power of Virtualization to the Database Stack

Revolutionary or obvious?

Virtualization has shredded all long-held principles of architecture in the IT stack. Over the past 20 years, virtually every area of IT has been redefined by it. From servers to network and storage. And every time virtualization cracked open another core component in IT, it unleashed massive potential.

Starting with a small practical but seemingly unimportant use case, virtualization has quickly rolled up the field. First, it was just a tool for developer and QA. Now it powers the cloud. No wonder, practitioners frequently declare virtualization the single most important innovation in IT of the past 20 years.

And with Datometry, the disrupting power of virtualization is now also coming to the database stack.

We take database virtualization personally

The founding team of Datometry have experienced the challenge of vendor lock-in first hand. As database engineers, researchers, vendors, and customers they have grappled with moving enterprises from one database to another. And so they started wondering: there must be a better way of doing this! There must be a way of avoiding rewrite projects that waste precious time and resources.

What if you could simply move applications between databases without expensive rewrites? Could one build a platform that was comprehensive enough to enable even the most challenging applications on different databases? Datometry is the product of years of academic research paired with the indomitable will of an expert team of visionaries. We set out to crack that last bastion of vendor lock-in and truly democratize data in the enterprise.



Datometry brings together experts from companies leading the industry and research institutions with deep technical expertise in data warehousing, database technology, and query processing.

  • Mike Waas, PhD CEO & Founder
  • Rima Mutreja VP Customer Success
  • Jozsef Patvarczki, PhD Head of Engineering
  • Michael Duller, PhD Field CTO


Datometry is backed by some of the most sophisticated investors in enterprise IT

  • Amarjit Gill
  • Redline Capital
  • Dell Technologies Capital
  • Celesta Capital
  • Peakview Capital
  • Acorn Pacific Ventures
Don’t rewrite. Virtualize.