From Legacy Data Warehouse to Azure Databricks — in record time

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Take on the world’s biggest data warehousing challenges with Datometry and Azure Databricks

Datometry unlocks the Lakehouse without the need to rewrite or modify trusted applications. 


    Connect existing data pipelines and data preparation processes directly to Hyper-Q to import data to Azure Databricks 

  • BI/Reporting/Analytics

    Move business users off legacy systems onto Azure Databricks without disruption and without downtime. 

  • Medallion Architecture 

    Get a head start on a proper medallion architecture leveraging existing data ingest while serving your business users 


Datometry Hyper-Q integrates natively with the Azure ecosystem. Its high-performance data plane deploys directly in the enterprise cloud tenant so your data never leaves the security perimeter. You can rest assured you are in full control of your data — and in compliance. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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Datometry Hyper-Q is a SaaS platform that lets applications originally written for a specific database run natively on a cloud data warehouse. Hyper-Q enables enterprise to replatform to public cloud without a highly time-consuming, costly, and risk-laden database migration.

Datometry Hyper-Q translates and emulates SQL statements and translates data in real-time between application and cloud data warehouse. Specifically, Hyper-Q rewrites the SQL statement in a way to take advantage of the intricacies of the new destination system. The application, and with it the long-standing investment into its development, is preserved and disruptions to the business are averted.

Datometry Hyper-Q supports all application types. Because of its position in the IT stack, Hyper-Q “sees” only SQL and management statements but does not need to know about the semantics of the application.

Don’t rewrite. Virtualize.