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About Adaptive Data Virtualization

Datometry’s pioneering Adaptive Data Virtualization™ technology enables enterprises to instantly run and manage applications in cloud databases or data warehouses, within multiple databases or data warehouses, in the cloud, or between different cloud platforms. What this means for the enterprise is that the application does not need to be rewritten or reconfigured but can directly talk to the Datometry® Hyper-Q™ as if it were the original database or data warehouse. For example, applications originally developed for Teradata can now run transparently on Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery.

Datometry Hyper-Q intercepts the communication between applications and data warehouse, analyzes and translates requests, and redirects them to an alternate data warehouse system. The translation of requests is done in real-time, so is the conversion of results when replying back to the application. This means the actual data warehouse system is fully abstracted from the application and applications cannot discern when the underlying database is exchanged or replaced. Effectively, applications can now run natively against different data warehouses without any changes to their embedded query logic nor configuration and connectors.

hyper-q scheme

Hyper-Q receives query requests from applications via the wire protocol of the original database, unpacks and parses the requests, builds a mathematical model to reason over it, optimize it, and then synthesizes the equivalent statement for the target system. Depending on factors such as the complexity of the statement, the entire translation process is typically completed in a matter of a few 10s of milliseconds and thus, adds no noticeable overhead.

The key to its efficiency is the design principle underlying Hyper-Q: all data processing is delegated to the data warehouse under the supervision and management of Hyper-Q: only light-weight operations pertaining to the orchestration of connections and query scripts are performed directly by Hyper-Q guaranteeing a resource-efficient high-throughput processing. Hyper-Q integrates with standard deployment services available on all major public and hybrid clouds including load-balancing and auto-scaling.

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