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Datometry soars to co-sell success with Azure Marketplace and the Marketplace Rewards team — Microsoft

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Helping companies unlock the benefits of Azure

Datometry has been a Microsoft partner since 2016 and is an IP co-sell incentivized, Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment-eligible independent software vendor (ISV) focused on helping Microsoft win with Azure Synapse. The San Francisco-based company brings virtualization to the database stack to make customers’ existing applications instantly interoperable with modern cloud data warehouse technology. This enables companies to unlock the benefits of Azure without needing to reinvent their business, disrupt business processes, or compromise.

Datometry Hyper-Q, available in the Azure Marketplace, enables enterprises to replatform to Azure without a time-consuming, costly, and risk-laden manual database migration. Azure Marketplace is Datometry’s preferred customer procurement platform for two reasons: increased deal velocity, via simplified contracting and budgeting, and access to the diverse array of valuable sales, marketing, and technical benefits Datometry earns as the result of marketplace transactions.

“Datometry plus Microsoft is a winning combination for both parties,” said Chad Bonner, VP of Sales, Datometry. “We help Microsoft own the data warehouse space and, in turn, Microsoft invests in our continued success through Marketplace Rewards and refilling our co-sell pipeline.”

A story leads to invitations, then to co-sell wins

Working with Marketplace Rewards, Datometry started with the listing optimization service, which improved its public-facing marketplace presence. From there, Datometry published a marketplace press release through its PR agency, enhancing visibility with the prestige of Microsoft’s brand. Datometry proceeded to a marketplace blog spotlight, which in the first few days drove more than 800 views of its marketplace listing: four times more than its previous peak.

Datometry then did a customer success story on its co-sell win at United Kingdom retailer Co-op. That marketing asset led directly to Datometry receiving invitations to run partner showcase enablement sessions for Microsoft’s Retail and CPG teams in the United Kingdom and in the United States.

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About Datometry

Datometry is the leader in database system virtualization. Datometry’s technology frees enterprises from vendor lock-in on their on-premises database technology and accelerates any enterprise’s journey to the cloud. Datometry Hyper-Q empowers enterprises to run their existing applications directly on a cloud database of their choice without the need for costly and risk-laden database migrations. Leading Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide realize significant cost savings and out-innovate their competition with Datometry during this critical period of transformation to cloud-native data management. For more information, visit