Moving Data Warehouse Workloads? Know Before You Take Aim.

When proposing a major enterprise IT undertaking, such as a re-platforming of an enterprise’s data warehouse workloads to a new data warehouse, “we just have to get off the old and expensive systems” isn’t what business and IT leaders want to hear to support a business case. Let’s say you have at least a few … Read More

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When it Comes to Cloud Data Warehouse Migration: First, Do No Harm

Enterprise cloud data warehouse migrations are on rapid rise and for good reason. Cloud data warehouses offer flexibility to scale services as needed, little-to-no investments with the significant reduction of hardware use and maintenance (CAPEX and OPEX), and the freedom to securely access data from essentially anywhere. Companies across the board are increasingly data-and technology-driven … Read More

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quick cloud migrations of data warehousing applications

What To Do When Your Cloud Shift Looks Overcast

Weather Channel, take note: reigning tech analysis firm Gartner has the upper hand when it comes to accurate forecasts. This summer, Gartner made a momentous statement about the inevitable growth and financial impact of cloud shift: according to a recent release, “by 2020, ‘Cloud Shift’ will affect more than $1 trillion in IT spending.” In … Read More

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Introducing Adaptive Data Virtualization

Imagine a world where adopting new data management technology is straightforward and does not require costly and extremely disruptive migration procedures. Better still, imagine the agility and flexibility an enterprise can regain by being able to leverage exactly the technology that is best suited for what they want to accomplish. Even better, imagine the enormous cost savings … Read More

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Have We Reached Peak Hadoop? Maybe Not

For better or worse, folks in the Valley are usually quick to declare hypes, trends, and also impending doom. With Strata around the corner, the expression that’s making the rounds is Peak Hadoop, the idea that we might actually be witnessing the maximum market penetration and revenue being generated from Hadoop. This notion is fueled … Read More

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Peak Hadoop

Why Have There been No Database Technology Unicorns So Far

Examining the current state of enterprise data management companies, it is clear that–despite the fact the database market is over $40 billion–there have been no serious disruptors in the database technology space. There are, of course, a few unicorns on the fringes, such as Cloudera, but these companies are more about augmenting the market than taking … Read More

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White Unicorn

The Migration Paradox—The Hidden Cost of Database Migrations

Replacing one database system with another is known to be an expensive undertaking.  Data warehouse migrations are often multi-year efforts and budgets exceeding $10 million are quite common. Surprisingly, most people only marginally familiar with the subject—and quite a number of experts—completely miss the source of the real cost. Most people think transferring and adjusting … Read More

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We Won!

Participating in a pitch competition is still one of the best ways for a startup to find out if their vision resonates with the world – winning the competition is proof that it does. And here at Datometry we have just done that! Shengjing Technology Corp., a holding company famous for investing in VC’s around … Read More

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