Datometry Announces Airlift for Oracle-to-PostgreSQL Migrations

SAN FRANCISCO – (June 27, 2023) Datometry, the pioneer in database virtualization, announced today the upcoming release of Datometry Airlift on AWS marketplace. With Airlift, Datometry offers customers an effective path to using PostgreSQL as an alternative to legacy databases without the cost, hassle, and risk of a database migration. Starting today, Datometry accepts registrations for its early adopter program of Airlift

Businesses are looking to move from Oracle databases to PostgreSQL to reduce their spending as they prepare for an economic downturn. Unfortunately, database migrations are notorious for their prohibitive cost and high failure rate. And so, customers often feel they have no choice but to stay with their current vendors. 

Datometry Airlift is Datometry’s new product line for the direct-to-customer market. Airlift makes applications written for Oracle instantly run on PostgreSQL without the need for code changes. Based on a decade of research and development, Airlift makes the fidelity and accuracy of Datometry’s enterprise products available to marketplace customers. 

Databases account for $45bn in IT spending annually. Open-source technology like PostgreSQL provides functionality largely comparable to that of commercial offerings. Hence, migrating to open-source alternatives can result in substantial savings. However, most conventional database migrations overrun their budgets, are late, and ultimately fail to achieve their objectives, according to the analyst firm Gartner. 

“We’re proud to be bringing our enterprise product line to businesses on AWS. With Airlift, customers will be able to realize significant savings in a very short time,” said Mike Waas, CEO of Datometry. “Over the past 20 years, virtualization has changed the face of computing everywhere. We’re bringing the power and elegance of virtualization to databases.” 

Datometry intends to launch Airlift, the consumer version of its enterprise Hyper-Q product in the fourth quarter of 2023 on the AWS platform. Customers interested in joining the early adopter program for Airlift can now register with Datometry. Registered users will receive regular updates, gain access to preview releases, and may qualify for a free consultation pertaining to the analysis of their workloads. 

About Datometry

Datometry is the leader in database system virtualization. With Datometry Hyper-Q, enterprises can run their existing applications directly on next-generation databases without needing costly and risk-laden database migrations. Datometry counts leading Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises worldwide among their customers. For more information, visit www.datometry.com

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