Hyper-Q with support for Oracle now in public preview

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Replatform from Oracle to a modern cloud data warehouse

Move data warehousing workloads from Oracle Exadata to modern cloud-native data warehouse technology in public cloud

  • Business Continuity

    Move existing applications without extended downtime from on-premises to a modern cloud data warehouse

  • Application Fidelity

    Datometry Hyper-Q emulates Oracle syntax and semantics so applications don’t need to be modified

  • Connectors and utilities

    Datometry Drivers and Utilities are drop-in replacements so enterprises can eliminate any and all dependencies on Oracle

Join leading enterprises worldwide in Hyper-Q for Oracle Beta Program

Datometry Hyper-Q for Oracle is currently available for public preview in an invite-only Beta Program. Enterprises seeking to make the move from on-premises to a cloud data warehouse, or from Oracle on public cloud to native cloud data warehousing can apply to join the program.

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