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Why Move to the Cloud?

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Reduce Costs

Cloud databases provide elasticity and shed operations and maintenance costs resulting in significant savings in CAPEX and OPEX.

Modernize IT Infrastructure

Take advantage of modern cloud technology, with all of the benefits of robustness, mature offerings, unprecedented security, and none of the hassles.

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It’s Quick and Easy

With Datometry Adaptive Data Virtualization, migrate enterprise data management to the cloud in weeks, not years, without rewriting database applications.

Case Study

Scaling Business Intelligence in the Cloud

A Fortune 100 Global Financial Institution needed to scale their business intelligence application, which was built using 2000-plus Teradata Stored Procedures. After multiple failed attempts, the customer’s own six-month analysis showed that replacing their Teradata footprint was prohibitively expensive, and rewriting the business applications to the next-gen, multicloud Pivotal Greenplum posed significant expense and business risk.

Why the Architect Chose Datometry

Hyper-Q’s emulation of stored procedures enabled running procedures that Greenplum data platform did not support natively. Without Hyper-Q, the customer would have had to completely refactor the logic of the application and implement various control-flow primitives, a very time-consuming and expensive proposition.

Why the Business Chose Datometry

Datometry Hyper-Q functionality allowed the customer to transfer the stored procedures in days, not years.

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Pivotal Greenplum 5: The Next-Generation Data Platform

Open Source, Multi-Cloud, and Built for Advanced Analytics

By Keaton Adams, Dan Baskette, and Cesar Rojas

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Cloud Databases are a Quantum Leap

Mike Waas, Founder & CEO Datometry, and Peter Burris, Head of Research at SiliconANGLE Media, Inc., discuss how cloud databases are a fundamental change from on-premise systems.


For a more detailed Q&A, visit our Hyper-Q Product Page.

Datometry Hyper-Q allows any existing Teradata application to run on Pivotal Greenplum.

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Additional Information

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Re-Platforming Data Warehouses – Without Costly Migration Of Applications

When enterprises want to move part or all of their data management to the cloud, the biggest problem isn’t typically to do with compute or storage, nor is it about performance or latency. The biggest barrier is moving the applications that need to use that data…

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