Replatforming On-Premise Data Warehouses to the Cloud

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Enterprises move their databases and data warehouses to the cloud for all kinds of reasons: reducing costs, staying competitive, being more agile and innovative, taking advantage of new features, and replacing capital expenditure with operational expenditure, to name a few. 166 IT Leaders shared insights into what drove them to move their organization to the cloud and the challenges they faced.

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The respondents ranged from those at the executive level, to DBAs, to analytics and business intelligence gurus, but almost all of them agreed on one thing: the cloud is the future, and a much better option than expensive, high-maintenance on-premise solutions. Some were just starting out on their journeys, by assessing their infrastructure, making plans, and deciding on which cloud service provider they wanted to go with. Others had already gone to the cloud or were just weeks from completion.

166 IT leaders and experts share their insights on replatforming databases to the cloud. Here’s what they had to say:
  • 76% of respondents considering or already moving to the cloud.
  • 60% of the respondents identified the urgency to move enterprise databases to the cloud with an 18-month or shorter deadline to adopting cloud databases.
  • 57% of the respondents are looking at cloud offerings for new features and capabilities.
  • 51% of the respondents identified the technical effort involved in rewriting existing applications for the new cloud data warehouse as the key challenge in replatforming.

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