TDWI Best Practices Report: Multiplatform Data Architectures

83% of IT Leaders say Multiplatform Data Architectures are Critical to Data Strategy

This TDWI research report features insights and best practices from industry IT experts and leading-edge user companies.

Philip Russom, Senior Director of TDWI Research for data management and author of the report: “For organizations embracing a multiplatform data architecture (MDA), its complexity is challenging to design, maintain, govern, and integrate with other systems. Yet, users succeed with MDAs by relying on best practices in data architecture and data governance, plus technologies that stitch together the grand design and make it high performance, namely data integration and application integration, central metadata and cataloging, and virtualization techniques.”

Key insights include:

  • 83% of IT leaders say multiplatform data architectures are critical to their data strategy.
  • 80% of IT leaders find that a multiplatform data architecture is more opportunity than problem.
  • 57% of IT leaders have experienced improved business outcomes because of their multiplatform data architectures.

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