Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream – At Last

It has been well over 10 years since Amazon unveiled AWS—its public cloud computing platform—and almost the same time since the initial release of Microsoft Azure, not to mention a number of smaller companies that broke ground in this space but have been long forgotten since. The title of this article refers to the fact … Read More

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Cloud Databases and The Innovator’s Dilemma

Data management in the cloud promises to be the most significant innovation in the database field in decades. IT leaders across all verticals are currently evaluating the various cloud database offerings but find it difficult to assess this new technology with conventional methods at their disposal. Cloud database technology is rapidly advancing. Even though cloud … Read More

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Cloud Databases Shed Operations and Maintenance

Asking any enterprise IT leader about their challenges and satisfaction with their database operations could generate a long litany of complaints big and small. And, while the value of databases is undisputed, the cost of maintaining appropriate service levels for the business, frequent support cases, and even just standard operations weigh heavily on any enterprise. … Read More

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Cloud Databases: The Advantage of No More Performance Tuning

For DBAs and enterprise IT, one of the key challenges is the tuning of databases and query workloads. It has become a core IT discipline in its own right over the past decades and represents significant OPEX in every IT budget. With the advent of modern cloud databases, this situation is about to change. The … Read More

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Application Modernization: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Enterprise IT leaders are facing enormous challenges in how best to modernize their database or data warehouse applications as enterprises are moving to the cloud and on-premises databases need to be replaced with cloud-native systems. Database application modernization is a logistical nightmare because it means having to modify potentially 1,000s of existing applications with each … Read More

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Virtualizing the Database: A New Paradigm

Cloud databases are about to redefine the database landscape in a fundamental way. They are cost-effective and easy to operate on one hand yet offer unprecedented flexibility and scale on the other. One of the biggest challenges IT leaders face in the years ahead is the question how to replatform to this new kind of … Read More

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