migrate Teradata data warehouse to the cloud

Teradata Data Warehouse – End of Useful Life | Use Case

Fortune 500 Telecommunications Provider As part of an enterprise-wide mandate to move to the cloud, a Global Fortune 500 Telecommunications Provider was re-evaluating their enterprise data management infrastructure. At the same time, their Teradata Data Warehouse installation was approaching the end of its useful life, and they were … Read More

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Scaling Business Intelligence in the Cloud | Use Case

FORTUNE 100 Financial Institution A Fortune 100 Global Financial Institution needed to scale their business intelligence application, which was built using 2000-plus Teradata Stored Procedures. After multiple failed attempts, the customer’s own six-month analysis showed that replacing their Teradata footprint was prohibitively expensive, and rewriting the business applications … Read More

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disaster recovery data warehouse

Disaster Recovery Cloud Data Warehouse | Use Case

FORTUNE 100 Healthcare Provider A U.S. Fortune 500 Healthcare Provider realized an urgent necessity for a Disaster Recovery (DR) system for its enterprise data warehouses. They wanted the destination to be in the cloud and needed to significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX. The requirement that the existing applications … Read More

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business intelligence

Replatforming Custom Business Intelligence | Use Case

FORTUNE 100 Retailer A Fortune 100 Retailer was looking to move their sizable custom business intelligence application with close to 40 million application queries executed per week to cloud-native Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Their own testing and POCs had found that rewriting the entire application stack for … Read More

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Cloud Computing Goes Mainstream – At Last

It has been well over 10 years since Amazon unveiled AWS—its public cloud computing platform—and almost the same time since the initial release of Microsoft Azure, not to mention a number of smaller companies that broke ground in this space but have been long forgotten since. The title … Read More

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Cloud Databases Shed Operations and Maintenance

Asking any enterprise IT leader about their challenges and satisfaction with their database operations could generate a long litany of complaints big and small. And, while the value of databases is undisputed, the cost of maintaining appropriate service levels for the business, frequent support cases, and even just … Read More

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