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by: Mike Waas

Datometry Makes 2018 Industry Era List of 10 Best Cloud Solution Providers

San Francisco – August 27, 2018 – Datometry, the leader in adaptive data virtualization technology announced that Industry Era magazine has named the company in its list of 10 Best Cloud Solution Providers of 2018. The annual list recognizes the top companies at the “forefront of providing virtualization solutions and impacting the marketplace.”

Industry Era is a technology magazine focusing on innovative and unique enterprise solutions that can play a key part in redefining the business goals of organizations. This list of 10 companies in the Best Cloud Solution Providers for 2018 was shortlisted from over 500 nominations received by the publication.

Datometry virtualization technology makes databases and applications truly interoperable; Global 2000 enterprises can replatform to cloud databases in weeks, not years, and without rewriting applications. For enterprises looking to adopt modern cloud data warehouses, Datometry makes the conventional approach of rewriting applications unnecessary, protects long-standing investments in mission-critical business logic, and enables enterprises to realize BI savings swiftly.

Mike Waas, Founder & CEO of Datometry, “To be featured in a top ten cloud solution provider list which includes Google and Amazon is a great honor for Datometry. This recognition speaks to the timeliness of our technology which is enabling Global 2000 enterprises to adopt cloud-native data warehouses in weeks, not years.”

Datometry partners with leading cloud service providers and database vendors including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Pivotal, and is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

About Datometry

Datometry ( is empowering global enterprises to gain competitive advantage by up-leveling their data management to become cloud-native quickly and effectively. With the company’s suite of SaaS solutions, enterprises can replatform existing data warehouses to the cloud at up to 80% savings of replatforming time, cost, and risk, and without application rewrite. Powered by Datometry Adaptive Data Virtualization™ technology, the company’s SaaS offerings include: Datometry Hyper-Q™, the flagship product enabling replatforming of existing applications on any cloud database in real-time; Datometry qInsight™, the only product in the market to provide unprecedented insights into data warehouse workloads; and, Datometry qShift™ automating the generation of optimized destination data warehouse schema.

Datometry is headquartered in San Francisco, California

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About Mike Waas CEO

Mike Waas founded Datometry with the vision of redefining enterprise data management. In the past, Mike held key engineering positions at Microsoft, Amazon, Greenplum, EMC, and Pivotal. He earned an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Passau, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mike has co-authored over 35 peer-reviewed publications and has 20+ patents on data management to his name.