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Virtualization of data warehouses

San Francisco – Oct 20, 2017 – Datometry announces that its Founder and CEO Mike Waas is featured in an insightful and exclusive interview in CEOToday magazine on the future of enterprise data management, the virtualization of data warehouses and databases, the disruption that the USD 40 Billion global database industry is currently undergoing, and the future of Datometry.

Waas, one of the world’s top domain experts on database research, answers questions on his long-time interest in commercial database development, his thought process behind creating truly disruptive virtualization technology, solving the challenge of virtualizing databases and data warehouses (a technical challenge that has been unsolvable until now), and his vision for Datometry.

Datometry’s Adaptive Data Virtualization is the first-of-its-kind data warehouse virtualization technology that enables existing data warehouse applications to run instantly and natively, that is, without the need to rewrite them, on the new target data warehouse. For example, applications originally written for Teradata can now run directly on modern cloud or on-premises data warehouses, such as Microsoft Azure SQL DW, Amazon Redshift, or Pivotal Greenplum among others. What this means for enterprises is that they can adopt the latest data warehouse technology in weeks rather than years and no longer require the expensive and risk-laden process of crafting elaborate Poof of Concepts (POCs), rewriting millions lines of applications, testing them against the new data warehouse, and a multi-year out-sourced implementation to a new data warehouse.

Mike Waas, as quoted in the article, “We are convinced that the data warehouse virtualization technology pioneered by Datometry will become the management and control plane that connects all of the enterprise applications with the underlying data processors.”

Datometry partners with leading cloud service providers and database vendors including Azure Synapse, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery and is available on Microsoft Azure MarketplaceAWS Marketplace, and Pivotal Network.


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Datometry (www.datometry.com) is revolutionizing how global enterprises can gain competitive advantage by up-leveling their data management to become cloud-native quickly and effectively. Datometry Hyper-Q is a category-defining solution that accelerates the digital transformation of enterprise IT by eliminating the costs and risks of adopting new data management technologies and lets the enterprise realize significant savings, innovate faster, and increase the speed of business. Hyper-Q is powered by Datometry’s proprietary technology developed by an expert team of database researchers and engineers. Datometry is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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