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by: Mike Waas

Datometry A Sponsor of WomenHack—All-Women Hackathon—in San Francisco

San Francisco – September 26, 2018Datometry, the leader in data warehouse virtualization technology, announces a sponsorship of WomenHack—an All-Women Hackathon—hosted by The Expat Woman on October 20, 2018, in San Francisco California.

The sold-out event is intended to encourage women in tech and increase participation in hackathons because as per The Expat Woman, “Only 20% of hackathon participants are women, similar in scope to the underrepresentation of women in computer science and other tech fields.”

Participants will hack solutions for one of the following challenges: help end the gender gap in tech, startup or venture capital; ensure women can be safe at the workplace, school or home, while traveling or out in the community; empower women to start and run a business, succeed in the workplace or become leaders in the community; help new immigrant or refugee women access resources and support and succeed in the U.S.; or, design a crypto or blockchain business or solution. Submissions will be judged by the originality of the idea, best technical specification, design of the product, and viability of the business model.

“I am honored to be a mentor at WomenHack.” Says Rama Saripalle, Sr. Director Customer Success at Datometry and a mentor at the hackathon, “As a former software engineer and currently a mentor for women in corporate careers, I am very keen that girls and women be encouraged in tech careers so we can have equal representation at work.”

Michele Gage, Sr. Technical Product Manager at Datometry adds, “I am always glad to be at events addressing the imbalance of girls and women in tech careers and I am so pleased that Datometry is following through on its cultural value of having more women in tech and leadership roles at the company.”

Datometry partners with leading cloud service providers and database vendors including Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Pivotal, and is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

About Datometry

Datometry ( is empowering global enterprises to gain competitive advantage by up-leveling their data management to become cloud-native quickly and effectively. With the company’s suite of SaaS solutions, enterprises can replatform existing data warehouses to the cloud at up to 80% savings of replatforming time, cost, and risk, and without application rewrite. Powered by Datometry Adaptive Data Virtualization™ technology, the company’s SaaS offerings include: Datometry Hyper-Q™, the flagship product enabling replatforming of existing applications on any cloud database in real-time; Datometry qInsight™, the only product in the market to provide unprecedented insights into data warehouse workloads; and, Datometry qShift™ automating the generation of optimized destination data warehouse schema.

Datometry is headquartered in San Francisco, California

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About Mike Waas CEO

Mike Waas founded Datometry with the vision of redefining enterprise data management. In the past, Mike held key engineering positions at Microsoft, Amazon, Greenplum, EMC, and Pivotal. He earned an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Passau, Germany, and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Mike has co-authored over 35 peer-reviewed publications and has 20+ patents on data management to his name.