Now on AWS Marketplace: Datometry Hyper-Q Streamlines Cloud Migration

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Datometry Hyper-Q™, now on the AWS Marketplace, makes streamlined enterprise cloud migration a reality – a cost-effective, low-risk, and instant re-platform solution for moving Teradata to Amazon Redshift.

  • Hyper-Q Adaptive Data Virtualization is next generation – an unmatched solution
  • Customers on average save up to 60% in costs and 90% on time
  • Minimal risk as Datometry retains the original queries and capabilities
  • Move key workloads to the cloud, minimize database footprint
  • Easily pinpoint workloads for migration to Amazon Redshift

Suddenly, new technology is easy to adopt, vendor lock-in becomes a thing of the past, and enterprises can scale and innovate at an unprecedented pace with their cloud migration initiatives.

“With Hyper-Q we give customers a simple way to unlock the potential of Redshift for their business instantly, at very low cost, and virtually risk-free,” says Mike Waas, Founder & CEO of Datometry. “Hyper-Q fundamentally changes the economics of databases – shifting to the cloud for pennies on the dollar compared to costly, outmoded approaches.”

Hyper-Q One-Minute Install

Hyper-Q Basic Edition is available on the AWS Marketplace. There are no upfront fees or minimum requirements. A simple, fully automatic three-step configuration wizard ensures users are up and running in less than a minute.

About Datometry 

Datometry is leading the shift to the cloud with its innovative Hyper-Q Adaptive Data Virtualization platform. Before Datometry, migrating to the cloud has been risky, costly, time consuming and fraught with nightmare implementations. With Datometry, enterprises now have the ability to adopt new databases and applications in a fraction of the time and cost with near zero-risk.

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