Moving Workloads? Know Before You Take Aim.

By Entong Shen and Michael Duller

When you propose a major undertaking like re-platforming your enterprise’s data warehousing applications to a new database, “we just have to get off the old and expensive systems” isn’t what business and IT leaders want to hear to support your business case.

Let’s say you have at least a few dozen workloads you could potentially shift to a new target database. You need to write a compelling POC and demonstrate ROI to justify taking this plunge, and it can take up to a year to complete your research—but you don’t know where to begin.

How will you know what to move, where to move it, and when? What systems are best suited for your current applications?

Datometry, the leader in Adaptive Data Virtualization technology, introduces Workload Analyzer to answer exactly those questions. Workload Analyzer takes the guesswork out of matching your workloads to new environments. It gives enterprises an in-depth analysis of their existing workloads at unprecedented level of detail and provides them with the critical intelligence to execute a re-platform effort.

Workload Analyzer gives a DNA analysis, if you will, of your workloads by enabling a complete and in-depth analysis of all features, data types, and query constructs used. Workload Analyzer runs on your existing system, enabling instant use without additional preparation work. The tool’s insightful reporting also allows enterprises to scale projects by choosing which workloads are best to shift now and get those early wins and deliver business value.

With Workload Analyzer, enterprises can take on re-platforming initiatives with confidence, lighten up the research process, shine a spotlight on the ROI, and eliminate the risk and complexity along the way.