Datometry Hyper-Q

Datometry Hyper-Q, the world’s first Adaptive Database Virtualization solution, simplifies how enterprises manage existing and develop new applications on cloud databases.

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Why Hyper-Q

Datometry Hyper-Q lets enterprises adopt new cloud databases rapidly, control ongoing operating expenses, and build out analytic capabilities for faster digital transformation.

Simplified Approach

The conventional database migration approach of rewriting applications is not required

Decreased Risk

Eliminate the risks associated with rewriting and testing millions of application queries

Preserve Business Investment

Protect long-standing investments in the development of mission-critical business logic

Accelerated Time to Value

Realize BI savings swiftly by avoiding the expense of rewriting and testing applications

The Hyper-Q Solution

Datometry Hyper-Q allows any existing applications to run on any cloud database, making applications and databases interoperable. Enterprises can now adopt the cloud database of choice, without having to rip, rewrite and replace applications.


Hyper-Q Platform Overview

Real-Time Translation

Queries and results are translated in real-time between the existing and new databases with accuracy and consistency.

Database Workload Management

Concurrency control, prioritization of workloads, and query band support. Proven to scale to 1000s of connections.

Transparent Database Migration

The DBA can inspect where and how each query is spending time and granularly gauge the overall performance of the database workload.

Augmentation of Missing Features

Support for legacy features for which there is no equivalent support on new database.

Optimization Capabilities

Implement database workloads based on best practices and recommendations from the new database vendor.

Query Intelligence (QI)

A dashboard of query plans, overall execution with tracing of long-running queries, and the recommended use of statistics and indexes.

The Datometry Advantage

Datometry Hyper-Q given enterprises to run and manage applications in cloud databases, within multiple databases in the cloud or between different clouds platforms.
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Supported Systems

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